02.06.2020: "Let's do it"

The "lockdown" in effect since March 16, 2020 has been increasingly relaxed by our government in recent days and weeks. We at Keller Lufttechnik welcome this move and want to resume scheduling appointments outside the company again, and welcoming visitors. We very much look forward to resuming in-person discussions and restarting joint projects. However, the health of our employees and business partners remains our top priority. Naturally, therefore, we shall continue to comply with all relevant distancing and hygiene guidelines.

We were able to procure several thousand disposable masks via our office in Shanghai and the Southwest Metal Association. Employees who require masks for work, for visits to prospective customers/customers or other operational activities are consequently provided with the appropriate protection.

Working at home is being gradually reduced, and our offices are filling with activity again. We look forward to "working together" and establishing any contacts possible within the "new normal". We continue to support employees from high-risk groups, those affected without childcare, and employees who cannot work at the office due to distancing rules, by offering them home office work opportunities.

The last few weeks have demonstrated the efficacy of communication via telephone, Skype, web conferencing, etc. We plan to continue to utilize these media options in the future as a time and travel cost saving measure. Consequently, we are examining whether travel to meetings or consultations with customers can be replaced by using the communications media. We are already experiencing a high level of acceptance among our prospective customers and partners. In addition, we are improving our CO2 footprint as a result.

We would like to thank our employees for the flexibility they have shown and for the acceptance of the decisions taken to overcome the current crisis. The effects of the pandemic on our economy will keep us busy for some time to come. Only with renewed optimism and commitment can we regain our old strength. With this in mind: "Let's do it!"


18.03.2020: Mastering the crisis together
We want to remain operational during the Corona crisis without panic, but by adopting all necessary precautions. The only way to protect ourselves and our overall economy now is to remain active and to continue pursuing our projects and business goals together. Of course, while doing so, we must take into account all protective measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Obviously, if we were to cancel appointments outright instead of conducting them online and thereby delaying projects, we would be weakening our productivity and the economy as a whole. 

We continue to be at your service!
Because of the current situation, we also have curtailed our travel activities and the reception of guests. All available communications channels via telephone and digital media are being utilized more than ever.
We have ensured the usual best possible Keller support for you, and our team will be pleased to answer your questions and provide any information.

Protecting the well-being of our employees
We implemented a Corona crisis team at an early stage, which provides all employees with information, determines appropriate measures, and implements them promptly. Our goal is to ensure that we remain operational at Keller. The health of our employees and their families is our top priority. We have taken measures to ensure this:

  • Employees who can perform their duties from home will work from home.
  • The same applies particularly to parents whose children must be cared for at home due to school or daycare center closures.
  • At Keller Lufttechnik's premises, individual teams operate separately from each other, meetings are held via telephone or online, and we adhere to the 2-meter distance rule - this is how we minimize any health risks.

We wish our employees, our customers, suppliers and business partners, as well as all our fellow neighbors around the globe overall prudence and optimal health.

Stay well!


02.05.2018: Stock devices available short-term
Keller puts various single separators for different applications into stock and guarantees short-term availability. Do not hesitate to ask for our catalogue and benefit from our attractive prices.


Messe PaintExpo

17.04.2018: Keller presents sophisticated filtration technology
On the PaintExpo, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial painting technology, shows Keller Lufttechnik their “RECLAIM dry filtration technology” live in operation. The technology was further developed and equipped with a dosing storage for a continuous conveyance of limestone powder into the filter units.

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