The suitable extraction solution for any application

Either dry or wet systems can be used for salt bath hardening processes, depending on the salt used and the application. As a rule, the dust can be extracted using a dry operating system, which is more energy efficient. However, if aqueous dousing solutions are used, a wet system is recommended due to the moisture content.

During induction hardening, the products are quickly heated in a machine and simultaneously drenched with a water-miscible high temperature oil. Keller coolant mist separators are equipped with a specially designed cleaning system for  automatic filter element cleaning, thereby enabling an uninterrupted production process. They are particularly suitable for exhaust air contaminated with highly-viscous aerosols.

Gas hardening processes use wet separators with pre-spraying to minimize the fire risk posed by open flames inside the systems. By quenching with water after collection, the ductwork is protected from a potential fire.